Ministry of Love

Welcome to our Orwellian Protest of the Military Commissions Act.

Dayorder 12.30.06

A glorious victory: the Ministry of Love has recently shipped copies of the book to several dozen unpersons.
Video of this historic event will be posted shortly.
Today, we are indebted to Comrade Paglino of Ohio and Comrade Loftis of New York, who have brought our collection total to 86 books. This represents 27% of our goal!
Meanwhile, we are still accepting copies of 1984 at:
PO Box 655
Guilford, CT 06437
In other news, we wish to share with you photographs of actual members of the Ministry of Love, who recently emerged from their underground headquarters to mourn the passing of the United States Constitution.
Here you see the gravesite where the Constitution was laid to its eternal rest.
The gravesite
Mourners gather to pay their respects to the document. This small child was especially upset.
Mourners at the gravesite
Finally, Comrade Cobb reads the eulogy.
Reading the eulogy

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First Shipment Scheduled

We have scheduled our first shipment of The Book for this week.
We will be shipping to all unpersons about to be vaporized, as well as all other Inner Party Member of the Senate who voted for torture.
All representatives from the Ministry of Truth are invited to witness the proceedings.
Please contact us at our email address for additional information.
We are, however, still accepting books for the Inner Party Members who survived the Purge.
Please ship them to:
Box 655
Guilford, CT

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Dayorder 12.3.06

Due to your excellent response, we have received 68 copies of 1984 thus far, representing nearly 21% of our collection goal.
We want to single out Comrade Levy of Massachusetts, who shipped us eight brand new copies from Amazon.
We at Miniluv are also stepping up our preparations for Hate Weekend:

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Newfound Comrades!

We just learned about this: Harvard University Law Students Hold Funeral for U.S. Constitution

We humbly request that you meet us in the room above Charrington’s shop on Saturday, 1300 hours.

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About Newspeak

Here at Miniluv we understand that many of the proles who peruse this site may not have the latest edition of the Newspeak Dictionary. Therefore we have included a few definitions below. All these were found at

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